Committed to Nation's Prosperity

  • Mission

    We will conduct our business professionally and efficiently using innovations practices. We are passionate about our business and we will be guided by integrity, fairness and enhanced value for all our stakeholders.


    We will continuously strive to be the best in what we do, both internally and externally, innovating constantly to meet our customer needs and expectation, giving them the best value for our products and services.

  • GM's Message

    Inspiring trust, Creating Value, Integrity and being passionate about our business are the prime fundamentals on which we work here at Al Dastoor.. We take great pride in being the pioneers in our business segment, having achieved sustainable growth over the last two decades and contributing significantly to the prosperity of Oman. We urge ourselves to continuously enhance the value of our employees, customers, principles, shareholders and the community and environment where we operate.

    Sultanate of Oman has always been a pragmatic country in all aspects. The business climate has been very conducive. There is a steady growth which is stimulating business and economy to flourish. Oman indeed is a very systematic and stable country on the business front.

    We look ahead in the years to come, urging ourselves to remain committed to excellence, competitive and ensure high service deliverables.

    We believe that we will only justify our existence by ensuring utmost satisfaction to customers and enhancing value to our stakeholders.

    Ahmed Rayees

    GM – Al Dastoor

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